"I have experienced the joys of midlife renewal, spent years researching and have interviewed hundreds of experts on successful aging--let me guide you to a joyful, productive and stress-free second half!"
-Roy Richards, Workshop Leader

"Wake Up to Life" Personal Renewal Workshops: Half-day or full-day sessions filled with inspiration and participatory exercises. Customized to serve attendee goals and circumstances.
Discover my step-by-step road map to the life of your dreams.
Jump start your career mid-stream--perhaps right where you are.
Recapture the enthusiasm of youth seasoned by the wisdom of 20+ years of adult living.
Inspire others to come along for a brighter tomorrow.
Prepare pre-launch check list--then take off to a joyful second half!

"Recharge Your Enterprise" Leadership Workshops for owners, managers and executives of businesses & not-for-profits, large or small. Customized to fit your entity's structure, mission, stage-of-life and competition.
Detect early warning signs of stagnation or decline.
Restore spirits of seasoned managers and employees top to bottom.
• The god Janus--explore enterprise past to maximize your future.
Coordinate individual & collective goals--whole team pulls together.
• "Economically correct" leadership--reward your best and motivate the rest.
Overcome resistance to change--positively, head-on!

Roy Richards Bio
• Founder & Senior Coach, Middle Age Renewal Training
• Masters Degree with concentration in Human Resources.
• Author of popular books on individual and collective renewal.
• 19 years in corporate America--last 12 as Manager and Executive.
• 20 years as a thriving small business owner and entrepreneur.