A Mid-Life Challenge-Wake Up!

by: Roy Richards

Renewal for Men and Women In Their Thirties, Forties, Fifties and Beyond

Is your life at mid-stream far less than you intended it to be? Are you among the millions over age forty burdened down by unfulfilled dreams, diminished expectations, an irrational fear of tomorrow, a dead-end career, troubled relationships or an uninspiring daily routine? This book was written precisely for you: to restore joy, reestablish positive expectations and return a spirit of adventure to your life!

Almost by accident, the author awakened in the year 2000 from “thirty years sleepwalking through life.” A highly positive realization dawned: persons in their middle years need not abandon dreams of dedicated yet prosperous, joy-filled daily living precisely on one’s own terms. Indeed for most, middle age is an ideal point in time to reassess the present, creatively plan out the future and take control over life’s direction.

Unlike the authors, you need not suffer years of discontent or count upon once-in-a-lifetime chance inspiration. Over eighteen chapters the author lays out a comprehensive renewal blueprint including twenty-one self-help exercises to help overcome obstacles and reinvigorate life at mid-stream. This book will inspire any middle-aged woman or man earnestly committed to restoring positive emotions and reentering life’s purposeful mainstream, beginning this very day.

6 x 9
ISBN: 978-59858-283-3
260 pages