Wake Up Captain And Crew—Restart Your Engines

by: Roy Richards

Recreating and Reenergizing Lagging Enterprises and Participants Mid-Stream

Do you lead or participate in a business or not-for-profit enterprise which has grown old before its time?
Lagging corporations, family businesses, governmental entities and private foundations dampen the spirits and drain energy from executives, managers, employees and volunteers top to bottom. To make matters worse, leaders of enterprises in the early stages of decline often fail to recognize they are headed for trouble.

This book addresses dedicated leaders, employees and volunteers intent upon revitalizing stagnant or declining organizations from within. Rather than tearing down and rebuilding from scratch, today’s outstanding leaders inspire colleagues and subordinates to anticipate and embrace a radically different, constantly evolving culture of perpetual innovation.

The author presents a five-fold formula to restore creativity and energy to enterprises large and small: 1) early diagnosis of the symptoms of decline, 2) identification and evaluation of collective strengths upon which to build, 3) inspirational “mental vacation” exercises intended to revitalize participant lives and careers 4) merging of individual and collective objectives into a realistic strategic plan and 5) enhanced methods of employee empowerment and reward. Throughout fifteen chapters, the author’s arguments are reinforced with real life examples, case studies and reader participation exercises.

6 x 9
ISBN: 978-59858-283-3
259 pages