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To Recharge Your Lagging Business , Engage Your Employees

As we begin the new year, is your small or mid-sized business less profitable than you’d like it to be? Worse yet, are you losing money? Are your employees on board mostly for the paycheck? Are individual performance targets, promotions … Continue reading

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Recharge Your Business–Get to Know and Improve Quality of Life for Employees

Whether you are a leader or a follower, if you don’t like your job it kind of ruins everything else, doesn’t it? If you are tired, disgusted, resentful or stressed out at the end of each workday, it becomes pretty … Continue reading

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To Make Your Business Thrive, Reenergize Your Bee Hive

Want to inspire your employees to a higher level of performance? It may be time to apply a generous dose of employee empowerment, best described as “in command but out of control.” Be it large or small,¬†picture your enterprise as … Continue reading

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