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Common Excuses for a Crummy Life After 40–Part Two

On June 5 we examined four common excuses for remaining unhappy and unfulfilled in middle age. Here are five more excuses. None of them makes any sense! Excuse #5: “Everyone  around me is a complainer–my spouse, my boss, my children, … Continue reading

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Middle Age Your Best Age–New Weekly Radio Broadcast

The notion that once we reach middle age our best days are behind us is utter HOGWASH! At 40, 50 or 60, we remain the same marvelously created woman or man we were at 25–only better! We are proud to introduce … Continue reading

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OMG!–Junior Just Asked to Move Back Home–Along With Wife and Kids

Hey Baby Boomers, how would you react if your adult son or daughter called today and asked to move back home, perhaps bringing along spouse and one or more grandchildren? In today’s struggling economy, more and more adults in their … Continue reading

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If You’re Down in the Dumps at Middle Age–What’s Your Excuse for Not Changing?

If you woke up this morning, similar to most mornings, dreading the day ahead, what’s the reason? Do you hate your job or the long daily commute to a stressful workplace? Is your marriage on the rocks? Are your teenagers driving you … Continue reading

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In Your Twenties You Had So Much Potential–What Happened?

You had so much potential back when you were in your twenties. Back then, you had absolutely no doubt that you were going a long way and others thought so too. Now that you’re in your forties (or fifties), perhaps less than fully … Continue reading

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Avoid Midlife Crisis–Act Like a Child!

Are you less than fully satisfied with your daily life, relationships or career at middle age? Do you suffer from the all-too-common pain of midlife crisis? You know you want more out of life after 40 but you don’t know … Continue reading

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If 60 Is the New 40, Why Do I Feel Old and Used Up at 43?

Have you heard the oft-repeated phrase “60 is the new 40”? Some may ask, “If that’s the case, why at 43 (46 or 53) do I feel like my best years are behind me?” My simple answer: “You have given … Continue reading

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The Ten Commandments of Midlife Renewal

Here are “ten commandments” to restore joy, a sense of purpose and positive expectations after age 40. No, I’m not attempting to re-write the Old Testiment! Rather these are common-sense nuggets of advice designed to help disheartened Baby Boomers along … Continue reading

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