Blueprint to Retirement Wealth–Fire Your Fund Manager and Do It Yourself!

Some 80% of everyday Americans will outlive their retirement assets! To insure that number doesn’t include you, FIRE your 401(k) or IRA Fund Manager, take control as your own adviser and invest all of your money in common stocks. You argue that investing in stocks is both scary and overwhelming? What if I told you that by managing your own portfolio in as little as 15 minutes a week, investing only in the right stock market-tracking ETF’s, then following a few simple rules you could routinely outperform 95% of all professional money managers. Even more amazing, at age 45 with the same modest but regular contributions you now make to an actively managed fund, you could end up with $800,000 more in assets in 20 years, at age 65!

You can accomplish these outstanding asset-accumulation results because of three contributing factors:

1. You concentrate your entire portfolio in common stocks historically the best investment vehicle for long-term growth.

2. No individual stocks–you purchase and hold only broad-based, market-tracking ETF funds. This tactic eliminates the time, energy and risk involved in picking individual winners and losers.

3. Using proven timing formulas, you can consistently ride bull markets up but avoid bear market trips down.

4. You will save being “fleeced out” of several hundred thousands dollars of management fees assessed by professional money managers–and you will consistently beat the pros’ results.

To learn more about the advantages of this “Do-It-Yourself” fund management strategy, I suggest you tune in to the March 27, 2017 edition of the popular Internet radio talk show Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age. Host Roy Richards interviews investment guru Gary Stone, author of the acclaimed book Blueprint to Wealth. On the program, you’ll hear Gary present:

* The two specific market-tracking ETF’s you should purchase as the best representatives of the U.S. stock market.

* How you can and should periodically get out of stocks and into cash to avoid major bear markets like 2008-2009.

* How reducing fees through a simple discipline will result in 76% more assets when you retire.

* The reason’s why Gary’s easy-to-follow investment strategy beats professional money managers 95% of the time.

* Why it is only a myth that “the stock market can’t be timed.”

For these answers & more, tune into the March 27, 2017 edition of our program. I’ll bet you’ll become addicted to it–one of the few positive addictions you can have at middle age. Every week, we tackle a different challenge or opportunity common to middle age–from finances to relationships; from effective parenting to sustaining your health and well-being. By listening in every week–without a doubt, you will confirm in your mind that “middle age can be your prime season”!

To go to our program right now, simply click the program link above (or you can easily find us on Google.) Try our program–you’ll like it! Once you become a “regular” I’m certain you’ll agree: renewing your finances and your outlook on life is a great way to launch your spring!

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