Oh So Often–Good Comes Out of Bad!

Hard to believe, but so often in life–in yours, in mine and in that of people we know, a tragic loss, an immense setback or a seemingly insurmountable challenge works out for the best over time. On the upcoming June 27 installment of my Internet radio program Middle Age Can Be Your Best AgeI interview college funding coach Steven Roberts. Right before Steven was scheduled to start college, his sister was in a bad car wreck. Parental funds that were intended to help Steven pay for college went to pay his sister’s medical bills instead; suddenly Steven was completely on his own.

Steven Roberts refused to give up on his college plans. Instead, he immediately got down to business, researched diligently for scholarship, grant and part-time work options. The end result: Steven was able completely on his own to more than pay for four years of college (he had a little money left over) without incurring any student debt.

Here’s the great news: Steven Roberts, the ambitious young recent college graduate, applied what he’d learned from self-funding his own education and founded his CollegeCashChampion coaching website, wrote his acclaimed book Winning the Money Game in College and since has helped thousands of students and their parents to save BIG on college. Great good for a whole lot of people out of bad fortune!

You can learn a whole lot more about Steven’s college funding tactics along with suggestions for you to save money on my June 27 program. Please plan to tune in!

Here’s another example of “good from bad” , this one from long ago. In 1947 a good but not great minor league pitcher (career record 22-16) injured his pitching arm and had to give up baseball. As a fall back, He took up music and a few short years later was the world-renowned country and crossover pop music star Gentleman Jim Reeves

My personal story is similar, though far less spectacular. If I hadn’t lost my CFO job in a corporate takeover, I undoubtedly would not have written my two books nor started hosting my weekly Internet radio program. It took several years of frustration but I’m forever grateful that this personal career transition occurred.

I was coughed out by corporate at age 44 so I speak from experience. Please keep this in mind: at 40, 45 or 50, your most joyful and productive years are by no means all behind you. But here’s a little secret: in times of financial strain, career upheaval, unemployment, marital breakup or starting over, by no means should you depend solely upon your internal resources. You don’t need to! I wouldn’t be where I am today without communication with and assistance from a higher power.

As a Christian, I refer to the divine power as GOD and his only son JESUS CHRIST. If you’re Jewish, you worship and seek counsel from YEHWAY; if a follower of Islam, from ALLAH! If an agnostic, you may refer to the higher power as “Universal Intelligence. Whatever your religion, here are two irrefutable facts:

1) With our limited brain capacity and knowledge, it is not possible for any human being to fathom fully the divine majesty and complexity of GOD, the Creator of our universe!

2) As the Divine Intelligence, the essence of GOD is best described by only two words: LOVE and TRUTH.

Here’s another amazing fact! Remember in the Christian Bible when Jesus proclaims: “I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” In fact, since all were created by a single, common Divine Power, there is a little bit of GOD in every one of us and we all are connected in spirit to everyone else on the planet. Think of GOD as the ocean and of you and I as individual waves. To expand our knowledge and understanding and to have our prayers answered, it is essential that each one of us reach out beyond our own little wave of existence by connecting with the unlimited power of the ocean–GOD and the universe. In effect, in our prayers we need to invite a little bit more of GOD to come inside.

Because the universe is infinite–has no beginning nor end–reaching out in joy to accomplish our goals–with love and respect–in no way detracts from the peace, joy and welfare of others. Clearly a ‘win/win’ proposition–so why can’t we all get along?

Needless to say, sometimes when we pray for healing or spiritual enlightenment–for ourselves or for a loved one–or seek a way out of a tough situation, we don’t receive an immediate, self-gratifying response. Bad things–hurricanes, earthquakes, car wrecks, job loss, terminal illness or premature death of a loved one–all-too-often happen to ‘good people.’ None of us can always control external events, but we can control our reaction to them. With a consistently positive, confident attitude, we are prepared to respond constructively and judiciously to the next big external event, good or bad!

I do not believe that GOD, the Universal Intelligence, controls every moment of our lives on Earth from birth to passing away. In fact, GOD has gifted us with FREE WILL. Without that wonderful but sometimes frightening gift, we humans would be little different from horses, cattle, dogs, birds of the air, even insects, all of which react solely on instinct!

In spite of free will, GOD and the universe routinely do place opportunities in front of every one of us. The difference between success and failure, joy and sorrow, contentment and frustration is our ability to spot opportunities and the courage to take advantage of them. It is so much easier to do so if we believe in ourselves 100%, have a clear understanding of precisely who we our–our passions, likes and dislikes, emotions, strengths and shortcomings along with a positive vision of the person we seek to become. Our minds can determine and control our reality: the positive Law of Attraction!

One final piece of advice: RELAX; you don’t have to resolve every single challenge today, tomorrow or next week! The job you are interviewing for tomorrow is not the final fantastic job opportunity you’ll ever have. There is one thing you and I should have learned by middle age: whatever we lose or miss out upon today, something better may lie just around the corner. The promotion you didn’t receive will be quickly forgotten once you land your dream job–an opportunity precisely suited to your talent, personality and passion.

Here’s a recommended series of actions to de-stress and visualize your future:

1) Sit back, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

2) Concentrate for a few moments solely on yourself: the fabulous, one-of-a-kind human being you are, the unique value you bring to the world and to a potential employer, what really turns you on and the milestones you would most like to accomplish over the remainder of your career.

3) Now ask yourself: “What matters most in my life? What is the targeted top rung of my career? How much am I willing to sacrifice to reach that top rung?

Guess what: Once you have a crystal-clear vision of precisely who you are today, where and how you wish to focus your talents and where you want to end up, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition. Next go to work on your personal marketing plan: you have one fabulous product to sell: YOU! By all means, don’t sell yourself short but never place all your eggs in one basket. Always be prepared with potential backup ideas. If one fails to pan out you’ll be confidently ready to challenge the next one.

Believe me–if you take time out in advance to take a MENTAL VACATION, praying for guidance and expanding your GOD-nature inside, envisioning and mapping out your future career then focusing in on high-potential opportunities you will either be hired for that ideal next job or you’ll create your own! Regardless of your present challenge or recent loss, in no time you will experience a positive result.


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