For Midlife Renewal–Change Your Energy!

This time of year many of us Northerners are low on energy, tired of the cold and snow–but heck, I guess some of you living in FL, CA or South TX may be low on energy also. In fact at middle age in any season many of us are stuck on neutral, lacking a positive vision, energetic goals and genuine purpose in life. I trust you’re not one who mistakenly believes that your best days are all behind you!

If low on energy, would you like to discover a brand new, not difficult path to abundance in every aspect of your life–from wealth to relationships; from health to peace of mind? A recent guest on my program, author and “common sense psychic” Phyllis King assures us that such a path does exist through the ‘Energy of Abundance.’ That’s the title of her new book and her argument holds water!

Those who are into quantum physics (not me!) understand the dynamics of energy. Everything around us (in fact everything in the universe) consists of energy. The form of energy right now dominating your mind determines your current mood and outlook: high level frequencies generate joy, generosity, trust and optimism; low level frequencies generate anger, fear, frustration, apathy and boredom. Amazingly, through intentional visualization, meditation and practice you and I have the capacity to dismiss low frequency energy and to embrace high frequency energy. In a nutshell, this transformation is what we are promoting on this website as middle age renewal.

Many of you are acquainted with ‘The Secret’ also referred to as ‘The Law of Attraction’: routinely visualize positive thoughts and health, prosperity and great relationships will follow. Phyllis King points out that the Law of Attraction fails to work for everyone; your brain’s predominant energy frequency must be routinely high. This transformation happens naturally; positive attraction of a favorable outcome cannot be forced.

How can you and I import a high frequency energy of renewal? The simple answer: just like when we plug our lamp into an electrical outlet, we need to plug our brain into our ‘innate power source’, also referred to as our ‘abundant core.’ In turn, our abundant core needs to make connection with spiritual positive energy outside ourselves, which most of us call ‘God’ or ‘Universal Intelligence.’ This spiritual connection tunes us into the positive flow of the universe so that we begin pulling with not against life-giving forces.

The process sounds straightforward so at middle age, what so often holds us back? First, there’s that little voice inside (the monitor), likely implanted when we were small children, constantly reminding us of our limitations. (“You’re not smart enough!” “You don’t deserve to be rich!”) The only way to challenge that small internal voice is to acknowledge its presence, recognize that it is not helping and willfully challenging it by trying new things.

A second barrier to positive transformation is lack of a ‘true life purpose’ You and I are never going to complete a successful journey in life without first defining our intended destination. You first need to clarify then visualize in as much detail as possible where you want to end up. Finally you will need a road map and an internal tour guide to help ensure you enjoy the journey along the way.

To learn more, tune into the Feb 15, 2016 edition of my program ‘Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age’–here’s the link: “

What a great way to greet spring–invite positive energy into your life this spring and enjoy favorable outcomes the rest of your life!

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