Walk Off from Your War

As a midlife veteran of life’s challenges, failures and disappointments, are you ready to “walk off your war”? That’s what veterans of combat are urged to do following a strenuous battle. Most of us haven’t been in combat but by age 40, we’ve had our share of crises, worries, fears and trepidations. Unfortunately, some may be lingering in our lives today.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get away completely on an extended trek–physically or maybe just mentally–to answer difficult questions like these:

* “What was I really placed on this planet to accomplish?”

* “How can I manage fear and step away from my comfort zone to test new horizons?”

* “Can I serve others while enjoying the rest of my time on Earth–regardless of what life throws at me?”

Perhaps in addition to these philosophical questions, you are faced with one or more immediate problems or challenge that you have no ready answer for.

Are you convinced if you could just get away for a bit from all the pressures of your job, family responsibilities, paying bills, traffic jams and the hassles of daily living you could solve your major problems and find answers to these deeper philosophical questions? Unfortunately, at middle age who has the time or resources to go on an extended journey of discovery? What if I told you it needn’t take that long: there is a brief method you can use every single day to resolve problems and find answers.

You protest, “That sounds great, but what path should I follow? Well here’s wonderful news: I interview a guest Anne Jolles on the August 31,2015 installment of my Internet radio program Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age who has discovered the answer. She assures us that “there is a trail you can walk anywhere, anytime, alone or with anyone. Walk it whenever a major problem or challenge arises. Anne has named her path the G.R.A.C.E Trail. She actually built a physical trail in Plymouth, MA but you can create your very own GRACE trail in a local park or in your back yard. If you’re not a walker, you can take a virtual journey on the GRACE trail in your mind.

To travel on the GRACE Trail, you ponder five questions at five stations along the way. Each letter in GRACE stands for one of the stations. To learn full details directly from Anne, you’ll need to tune into our program, but here are the five questions you ask and answer as you journey along the trail:

Station 1–Gratitude–what am I grateful for?

Station 2–Release–what problems or troubles can I put down for awhile?

Station 3–Acceptance–what do I need to accept as given in my life so that I can move on?

Station 4–Challenge–what is my challenge right at this very moment?

Station 5–Embrace–what can I embrace as possible?

Doesn’t it make sense to concentrate only on the present moment–the immediate challenge and possible outcomes you can control? Some of your long-term worries may go away on their own or perhaps you have no control over the outcome. As Jesus Christ tells us in Matthew 6:34, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” And don’t forget to turn to God in prayer and to others for advice when faced with a challenge too big to handle alone!

Each week on my program, I interview one or more outstanding guests on the common challenges and opportunities of middle age. Past programs are archived so you can always go back to listen (or re-listen) at any time. Whenever you want to find us, simply Google “Middle Age Your Best Age”–our program link comes up right at the top of page one.

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