Here’s Why Middle Age Is So Great!

When coupled with gratitude, self-confidence and a fresh positive attitude, your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s can be your greatest interval of joy, personal fulfillment and contribution to others. Here’s why: you’re still young enough to remain vital, energetic and productive but most of your youthful challenges are behind–finding your mate, launching a career, starting your family, changing diapers, nurturing small children and struggling to pay the bills.

At midlife, most of you are established in your career, your kids either have left home or are almost grown and your finances are far more stable than they were in your 20’s and 30’s. Whether you own your own business, are still climbing the corporate ladder or have reached a plateau, I trust a lot of the career pressure is off. I’ll bet you no longer put in long hours, play office politics or kiss up to your boss. I’ll bet by now you’ve also learned that there is far more to success than a job title and a six figure income. I don’t need to tell you that life balance is an essential ingredient to joyful, stress-free middle age living.

In a nutshell, the secret to a long, rewarding and joy-filled second half is to combine a youthful zest for daily living, including the courage to try new things, with the mature composure of middle age. Once you regain routinely positive control of your emotions along with the confidence that you can challenge and overcome any adversity, you have absolutely no reason to fear the future. As an optimistic, self-confident woman or man pursuing a proactive agenda, there will be no place for lingering self-doubt, bitterness or recrimination.

You say your life today at middle at middle age is not what you’d like it to be? Whatever past or present circumstances, you can turn things around. To begin your transformation, start by making yourself four solemn promises:

1. “Beginning this very day, I no longer will dwell on perceived past mistakes.”

2. “From this moment on, I appoint myself CEO of me! I promise no scapegoats when things don’t go my way.”

3. “Moving forward, I will seek out and concentrate on positive aspects of current circumstances. Rather than worry, I next will use experience and inspiration to improve circumstances, both for myself and for others.”

4. “I hereby ban all worry and negative thinking for at least 60 minutes each day.”

Note: Start with 60 daily worry-free minutes and work up until you are worry-free 23 hours a day, reserving only one hour for worry.

As you cleanse your mind of lingering doubts and negative emotions you can fill the void with heartfelt positive images of the individual you intend to become. This person is not some total stranger–in fact, it is the self-assured, goal-oriented person you were created to be!

You may be older and wiser, but you still are “the man” or “the woman.” Nobody can prevent you from believing in yourself and in your future 100%. Right now is the appropriate moment to begin reconstruction of a positive mindset: that is you! Your face may have a few “character lines” and your pace may be a step slower but much like fine wine your heart, mind and soul have aged only for the better.

Pledge to practice purging your mind once and for all of any lingering bitterness, regret or self-imposed personal boundaries–that isn’t you! Over the days, weeks and months to come, with God’s help, you can and will dedicate the time and effort needed first to visualize then to become the positive, confident, goal-oriented person you were intended to be all along. This individual will be the new, improved version of you!

As sustained visualization and practice reawaken your mind and sprit, you will gain a gigantic advantage over the vast majority of your middle-aged contemporaries who remain mired down in negative thinking, slide through life without direction and cede personal destiny to the initiative of others. Once renewed, you will join a select vanguard of cutting-edge midlife winners fully capable of testing boundaries, enjoying each moment and discovering and promoting creative solutions. You will joyfully and fearlessly journey through life’s second half.

Want to learn more of the secrets to middle age renewal? Tune in to the April 20, 2015 edition of my weekly Internet radio program ‘Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age. You have lived long enough drifting through life. The renewal train has arrived at the station–why not get on board? Try midlife–you’ll love it!

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