Spring Is Here–Are You Ready to Bloom?

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, thank the Lord winter’s finally over. For millions in the Northeast and Midwest USA, winter this year was especially brutal. You folks in New England win the prize–it’s hard for me to even imagine snow drifts piled higher than cars.

Throughout The long nights and short days of January and February, many have battled the infamous quadruplets of winter: post-holiday let-down, bitter cold, hazardous ice and snow and cabin fever. In winter, it is all too easy to get mired down in negative thinking and non-beneficial habits and routines.

Spring is here. Are you ready to shake off the winter blues and wake up positive, warm-weather emotions? Are you ready to get out of the house, exercise outdoors, renew old acquaintances, make new friends and launch new projects? If not and you remain down in the dumps, you may want to ask yourself three questions:

1. “Were recent feelings of depression and isolation really about the weather or is there something else going on inside?”

2. “Now that spring has finally arrived, am I fully prepared to snap out of my funk and rediscover life’s purpose and joy?”

3. “Why can’t I feel positive, connected and purposeful all year long, regardless of season?”

Wouldn’t it be great to feel warm and energetic throughout spring, summer, fall, even next winter–without escaping to Florida or Hawaii? To launch your journey to a consistently positive outlook on life, engrave upon your consciousness the following ten prerequisites to change:

1. “I am not a failure as a human being or as a child of God. Present less-than-ideal circumstances in no way limit my potential.”

2. “Past failures and disappointments in no way reflect upon who I am today nor limit my potential for tomorrow.”

3. “The reason I am so dissatisfied with my life today is because I am at the bottom. The way forward is up. I refuse for one moment to agonize over past mistakes or to blame myself or anyone else for where I am today.”

4. “No matter how insurmountable today’s challenges appear, I will find a way out. At this point, I’m not worried about how. Once my emotions are set on ‘positive’, viable solutions will come to me.”

5. “God(the Supreme Being, Universal Consciousness) loves me and wants me to be joyful, purposeful, fulfilled and employed up to my full potential. With God on my side, I have no reason to fear the future.”

6. “No one else can hold me back unless I permit them to. From this day forward, I resolutely refuse to let another’s negative attitude, remarks or actions pull me down.”

7. “Tomorrow is a brand new day! By routinely planning for and visualizing successful outcomes, I will make each new day count.”

8. “As a renewed, positive individual, I will flow with, not against life’s current. I can’t always control circumstances, but at all times I can control how I react.”

9. “I hereby affirm myself as an attractive, highly talented human being fully capable of contributing value to others. Never again will I permit anyone to convince me I am in over my head or have nothing worthwhile to share.”

10. “From this day forward, I take full responsibility for my personal journey through life. I hereby appoint myself CEO of me. Of course I’ll make mistakes, but each mistake will serve as an invaluable learning experience.”

Have heard about the “Law of Attraction”? You may not believe it now, but once you internalize these ten positive resolutions and make them your own, your overriding emotions and actual life experience will improve dramatically. Like millions before, you will discover that a positive self-image, reinforced vividly and consistently, slowly but surely will become your reality. At middle age–or any age–you will begin to bloom this spring and the bloom will not fade as the weather turns cold again next winter.

Want more advice on blooming this spring? Tune in to the March 30, 2015 broadcast of my Internet radio program Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age. I interview Personal Transition Coach Skye McKenzie about her acclaimed book FORTY DAYS TO BREAKTHROUGH: How to Move from Simply Existing to Living a Life of Meaning and Purpose. You can dedicate the next forty days to renewing your life, can’t you?

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