Congratulations On Not Winning the $564 Million Poweball Jackpot!

Three winners have been declared for the February 11, 2015 Powerball Lottery Jackpot. Congratulations it wasn’t you! I guarantee that you would not have gained lifetime satisfaction by instantly receiving millions with no effort on your part (other then standing in line to buy a lottery ticket.) The ancient maxim remains true today: A reward most treasured is one fully earned, not randomly granted, won or inherited.

What would you have done with all that money anyway? Winning the lottery can indeed be a godsend if you have in mind firm positive yet challenging lifetime goals and possess a genuine love and concern for others, a burning desire to leave a legacy and the willingness to continually grow, expand the mind and test the boundaries.  If this describes you, then mega lottery winnings can indeed help you along the road to true happiness. . In contrast, if your current outlook on life is negative, fearful,  self-centered, resentful, uninspired and without purpose, winning a ton of money is not likely to suddenly make you happy and content. We read every day about wealthy individuals addicted to drugs, arrested for harming others, even committing suicide.

When you think about it, the only true and lasting reward from winning life’s financial lottery is the freedom to choose. Presuming you and your loved ones remain healthy, financial independence grants you license for the rest of your life to pursue those primary daily activities which you cherish the most, wherever on earth and with whomever you choose. A key issue confronting every wealthy individual is how just well he or she chooses. I trust for you and me, showing off our wealth and drifting through life simply won’t cut it!

So you didn’t win Powerball? Here’s your solution: begin thinking and acting like a millionaire before you win a dime! No, I’m not suggesting you begin lavishly spending money you don’t have. What you can do is to start to continually visualize a lifetime free of financial concern.  Numerous studies have shown that you and I can fool our minds in a positive way. By continually envisioning yourself as financially independent with a favorable outlook on today and tomorrow, you will overcome fear of failure and will begin taking steps to make your dreams a reality.

We’ve all heard of positive, successful people who started with little or nothing, earned a fortune already and keep expanding their wealth. We’re also observed news  of heirs, lottery winners, athletes and entertainers with sudden windfalls who get into trouble, fall into depression or squander fortunes because they lack vision of a brighter future or it’s all about them.

Let’s get you started moving towards the life of your dreams–both for you and for those you love. First, visualize the life you most cherish, on your own terms, and those family members, closest friends and loved ones you’d like to bring along.  Next turn to God (Universal Consciousness) and ask for help in making your dreams come true. Right now, before returning to your normal routine, and each day hereafter, take a few moments out to ingrain in your subconscious mind two guiding principles:

  1. Yes I did win life’s lottery–emotionally.  I’m wonderfully made and fully capable.  I hereby take 100% responsibility for my future and appoint myself CEO of me. I have absolutely no doubt that over the coming weeks, months and years, I will find ways to accomplish every single lifetime objective truly important to me.
  2. I will take action making tough choices and any required financial sacrifices up front. These choices will ‘purchase’ for me a lifetime of financial security   

Once a positive vision is firmly entrenched in your subconscious mind, you will begin thinking and behaving like the successful, self-assured person you were created to be. You will be fully prepared to take charge and challenge the future, ready to venture outside your comfort zone to create your own identity and destiny. In hindsight, you will pat yourself on the back for not winning Powerball as you start building genuine wealth the right way, one block at a time. Guess what: you’ll enjoy your journey to wealth as much as the prize.

Want some more ideas on taking charge and challenging the future? Tune in to the Monday March 2, 2015 installment of my weekly Internet radio program ‘Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age’.  An inspiring guest and I will talk about kick starting your life this spring without landing on your behind.

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