Here’s The Key That OPENS a Fun-filled, Purposeful Life at Middle Age

At middle age, do you suffer from lost dreams and diminished expectations? If quality of life after 40 is far less than you desire, it is time to wake up to that joyful, productive second half you so richly deserve. There is no truth to the rumor that at 40, 50–even 60–your best years are behind you. In fact, middle age offers an ideal turning point; a perfect time to make a fresh start. You’ve learned a lot from 20+ years of adult living but you remain young and vital enough to take charge and chart your very own course to a richly rewarding destination.

For most of us, a dramatic 180 degree change in attitude won’t happen all at once. Altering negative expectations, perhaps built up and reinforced over many years, takes time and effort. Although I can’t promise instantaneous results, I offer you the “OPENS” formula for revitalizing and re-energizing your life at mid-stream. The formula goes like this:

  • “O” is for an Optimistic outlook on the present and future. You can’t always alter negative external events or circumstances, but you alone can control your reaction to them. To begin the process of renewal, pinpoint and understand every negative thought and emotion that bubbles up from the subconscious. Consciously search for a positive resolution. How can you make the best of a bad situation? With continual practice, your optimism will build hand-in-hand with renewed self-confidence.
  • “P” is Prayer, an absolutely essential ingredient for any person of faith. You certainly don’t want nor need to tackle your problems and difficulties all on your own! In good faith, pray for insights and miracles both for yourself and for others but never sit back and wait for God to do all the work! When praying, always remember to express gratitude for all those blessings you presently have!
  • “E” is for Exercise. It needn’t be strenuous but it should be regular. Don’t you feel much better when you get up from the couch and go out for a walk? I’ll bet like me, you’ve come up with solutions to some of your most perplexing problems in the midst of exercising your body. (Note: if you’ve been sedentary for years, begin your exercise regimen slowly and cautiously and only after consultation with your physician.)
  • “N” is for Nutrition. It is difficult if not impossible to revitalize the body and engage the mind on a routine fast-food diet of burgers, fries and pizza! Who can envision a joyful, self-confident future in an 80-pound overweight body? Who can generate the energy needed to accomplish ambitious objectives in a sickly, malnourished body?
  • “S” is for Sleep. Deep and restful nightly sleep is absolutely essential to restore and regenerate mind and body. Studies demonstrate that sleep is more essential than even food and water for our survival and well-being. There is no one simple solution for a sound night’s sleep, but diet, peace of mind and quiet and restful surroundings are absolutely essential. The law of attraction works–visualize a deep, restorative overnight rest and you more-than-likely will experience one. Mattress too is important, especially one customized just for you.

Here’s an idea: begin this very day consciously improving your habits in each of the five elements of the OPENS formula. At the same time, start imagining then visualizing in vivid detail every aspect of the joyfully renewed person you intend to become:

  • Earning a comfortable living while having a good time in your career or vocation.
  • Stress-free relationships, mutually rewarding both for you and for those closest to you.
  • A fit, healthy body capable of efficiently moving you forward in the daily pursuit of life on your own terms.
  • A balanced, stress-free lifestyle filled with accomplishment, service to others, and sufficient rest and relaxation to regenerate your spirit and energy and to move you forward to new positive adventures.

The person you seek to become is not a total stranger–this person is the new, improved you combining self-confidence, a positive outlook and a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Your ultimate goal is to celebrate the person you are at this precise moment in time, happy in your own skin, disciplined and goal-oriented, aging like fine wine but never decreasing in value or aspirations as you grow older. Guess what: as you become more positive, you will convert others to your way of thinking and will draw similar positive, like-minded individuals to you, helping ensure long, healthy and joy-filled relationships. Who says your body, mind and spirit ever have to grow old and worn out?

Want to learn more about midlife renewal and recovery? Tune in to my weekly Internet radio program, “Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age” or check out our website Both links are at the top of Google page one. 




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