Conscious Aging: Reinvent Yourself at Middle Age

At middle age, do you dread the prospect of growing old? Like it or not, we’re all headed there. Doesn’t it make more sense to honor the process of aging, to gladly accept your age today and to actually look forward to the next stages of life?

The initial step is to let go once and for all of your fear of aging. Isn’t it amazing how much North Americans and Europeans spend on anti-aging creams, facelift operations, “hide-the-gray” hair lotions and other “fountain of youth” procedures. In contrast, in far-Eastern cultures aging is honored and people past midlife wear old age as a badge of honor. 

Whether you’re 40 or 55, why not concentrate on who you are today and make the best of it? If you’re a woman and it makes you feel better, apply makeup. In the words of  the renowned late radio pastor J. Vernon McGhee, “They paint old barns, don’t they?” If you’re a man and you don’t like that bald spot, use some Rogaine. If you don’t relish your size and shape, shrink that belly through thoughtful exercise and diet. In Army lingo, “be all that you can be” but don’t obsess over your maturing appearance–it’s not what matters most at our age. 

Now let’s move on to the important part. Instead of mourning the loss of youth and dreading present or future limitations as you grow older, let us first identify, then visualize positive future possibilities. Why not view the aging process as a pathway to self-fulfillment and spiritual growth? As you grow older, you’ll have more time for that. Approaching 50, you may already have crossed over the “mountain peak” of your responsibilities. Rather than expressing anger or frustration, why not enjoy the long journey downhill? If your career has reached a plateau, you no longer face the pressure of climbing the ladder. You can steer clear of office politics and relax during the workday. Also, you can dedicate more time, attention and energy to the people, causes and activities you love. Once your youngest child is grown and has left home, you have ample time for self-refection, spiritual growth and shared adventures with spouse and friends.

To sum it all up, with the right attitude at middle age, your best years are yet to come! It’s time to begin transition from your age of achievement and accumulation to your age of fulfillment. Here’s the second half of life I want for you:

  • Enjoy what you do every day with the freedom to do what you want (and until retirement, find someone to pay you for it.)
  • Establish and maintain genuine life balance, leaving plenty of time to spend with those you love.
  • Reside in beautiful surroundings and travel to seek new horizons whenever and wherever the spirit of adventure prompts you to go.     
  • Live a healthy lifestyle, propelled by vibrant energy and both physical and mental wholeness.

You can have all four of these positive elements in your life after 40 and much more by focusing on divine, innate qualities which you already possess. You begin by focusing on the significance of your life as a whole, what you really want, the true essence of your desires. What do you really want to leave as your legacy to your family, loved ones, friends and the world beyond? Once you wake up to the full potential of the person you are today and begin living positively in the moment, seeking out possibilities rather than roadblocks, you will begin to experience more than you ever hoped for; you’ll prosper without struggle.

I know this all sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t once you believe in the universally acclaimed “Law of Attraction.” Scientists have discovered that those who routinely concentrate on positive thoughts, emotions and expectations attract good things into their lives while those who concentate mostly on limitations and worry incessantly about the future do not. Given this logic, a postive outlook is the pretty obvious choice, isn’t it?

To learn more about the process and benefits of conscious aging and to hear from Dr. Toni LaMotta, the individual who inspired this blog, tune into the October 1, 2012 podcast of my Internet radio program, “Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age” on  If you tune in with an open mind, I promise you’ll learn to accept and admire the age you are today.      



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