In Your Twenties You Had So Much Potential–What Happened?

You had so much potential back when you were in your twenties. Back then, you had absolutely no doubt that you were going a long way and others thought so too.

Now that you’re in your forties (or fifties), perhaps less than fully stisfied with career, relationship or lifestyle choices, what happened to all that potential? My answer to you is “NOTHING!” You still have the same sharp instincts, capacity for purposeful thinking and innate talents you had back then, sometimes burried under layers of self-doubt and diminished expectations. Isn’t it high time to start removing negative barriers to a routinely positive, self-confident attitude and favorable expectations for the future?

Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could cleanse your mind and soul of negative thoughts and emotions and visualize yourself as the purposeful, vibrant and joyful man or woman you were created to be. Christians recently celebrated Easter Sunday, the season of divine resurection and new beginnings. Isn’t this the perfect time to resurect positive emotions in our middle age lives? A renewed “you” would not be a total stranger. In fact, you would possess all of the innate talents and capabilities you had in your twenties refined by the irreplaceable practical knowledge and experience gained through twenty or more years of unique, active adult living.

Restoration of a  “take control” attitude and favorable expectations is possible at any age! I speak from personal experience. In the year 2000 I awakened after thirty years of sleepwalking through career and relationships and have cherished every day since. Unlike me, you needn’t wait thirty years to start anew. Pledge this very moment to launch the process of purging your consciousness of lingering frustrations, bitterness and regret. Forget all those past “woulda’s” and “shoulda’s”–present and future are all that counts!

Over the upcoming days, weeks and months dedicate the time needed to contemplate then visualize the joyful, goal-oriented person you were meant to be all along. Positive, self-confident women and men in their forties, fifties and sixties refuse absolutely to let the passing of youth get them down. In fact, the world around us once again is beginning to fully recognize and cherish the value of age and experience. Mike Wallace who passed away this past weekend remained an active and valued correspondent on “60 Minutes” into his late eighties.  Can anyone doubt that you and I still have a lot to offer in our forties, fifties and sixties?

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