Are You Mournful Over Your Loss of $640 Million? Get Over It!

Let me help prepare you in advance just in case you don’t win tonight’s (6/30/12) $640 million MegaMillions Lottery jackpot. In fact it’s best that neither one of us won all that money. Here’s why:

1. A reward most cherished is one fully earned, not one simply granted, won or inherited. (Note: I’m talking about human rewards, not God’s grant of  salvation.)

2. If you’re like me, when you look back, your fondest recollections are of anticipating, planning and striving for a worthy objective, not the ultimate prize.

3. Life without one or more clearly defined goals, a positive plan of action and inspiration for accomplishment is really no life at all.

Ask yourself who has won a greater psychic reward: a person who just won or inherited $640 million or a person who 20 years ago founded a business, built it up from scratch and recently sold it for $640 million? Which individual do you think has greater self-confidence going forward? Which one would you expect more likely to remain active in service to others? Which would you prefer as a teammate, venture partner, confidant or close friend?

Time and again over the years lottery jackpot winners have proven unprepared emotionally for a big prize. More than a few have ended up in a worse situation than when they started. Aren’t you relieved that you aren’t the one who has to decide how to spend and invest all that money!

Here’s an idea to help you get past the reality that someone else won the jackpot. Right this moment, stop whatever you’re doing, tune out your stress and contemplate four worthy  guiding life principles:

  1. Yes I did win the Lottery—emotionally. Starting today, I am taking control of my future and hereby appoint myself CEO of me. I have absolutely no doubt that over time I will accomplish every major life goal genuinely important to me. A positive attitude and favorable expectations are far more valuable to me than any amount of money.
  2. What would I have done with all that money anyway? I seek a life filled with positive challenges and generous willing contributions of time, talent and energy to others; I don’t intend to spend the rest of my life on a golf course.
  3. My spouse and I will anticipate financial requirements for the life we desire then will develop and implement a realistic game plan to accomplish those objectives. It is possible to have fun while earning a living and contributing value to others!
  4.  As required, I will make difficult financial and emotional sacrifices up front so that I then can pursue my dreams with the positive engergy and emotions of a lottery winner.

Next to good health and loving relationships, I suggest you concentrate on two additional targets: 

  • A life in financial balance. Over time, anticipated sources of income must meet or exceed the desired sum of expenditures and savings, including funds set aside for unanticipated emergencies.
  • Enjoyment of all aspects of daily living, including “work”. Those truly blessed have a good time and expand personal horizons every day while earning a living.

When all is said and done, there is only one treasure in life genuinely worth possessing: the simple joy of awakening each moring with positive anticipation for the day ahead. Guess what: you don’t have to first win the lottery to be joyful and fulfilled. For additional ideas on how to recapture a joyful, purpose-driven life at mid-stream, please visit our website:  




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