Avoid Midlife Crisis–Act Like a Child!

Are you less than fully satisfied with your daily life, relationships or career at middle age? Do you suffer from the all-too-common pain of midlife crisis? You know you want more out of life after 40 but you don’t know how to get there. Never fear, to jump start your life in a positive direction you simply need to act like a child!

As a small child, you believed beyond a doubt that imagination works. Most of us imagined growing up to be a cowboy, a sports star, an astronaut, an action hero, a rock singer or a figure skating champion. Through play acting, we lifted our spirits to a new, higher dimension and experienced a world of fun in the process. When we were ten years old, nobody had yet informed us that we simply were not good enough. Our young minds remained free of nagging doubts implanted by those who remind us of our limitations.

To escape from your middle-age rut, I ask you recapture one small miracle of childhood: the capacity to imagine, believe in possibilities and to act out your dreams. I do not suggest that you daydream the hours away, ignore reality and idly sit back to wait for a magical life transformation from above.   In contrast, I simply recommend that you begin to visualize how wonderful your life will be as a joyfully transformed, purpose-driven woman or man. You can train yourself to imagine a positive result before the final results are in.

You need not wait until you change jobs, establish or abandon a relationship, or adopt a totally different lifestyle to begin looking, thinking and behaving like a winner. You certainly don’t need to wait for someone else’s assurance that you have changed.  The only affirmation needed will come from within. To speed your emotional transition from negative to positive, begin to visualize every day, in high definition and living color, a precise image of the person you seek to become. Next, at every opportunity consciously act out the part.

Don’t fret if at present you lack a  solid life-transforming game plan. Nothing can prevent you from beginning this very day to imagine a favorable ultimate outcome. So you want to retire in fifteen years with a $3 million net worth? The absence of an immediate wealth-producing game plan in no way should discourage from drawing vivid mind pictures of your joyful, spirited and purposal life as a wealthy individual. (Please don’t spend the money until you earn it.)

Over time, a regular and steady diet of positive visualization will implant in your sub-conscious mind a crystal-clear, lifelike portrait of the happy, committed individual of independent means you seek to become. So why not now begin to look, act and behave like a winner. A fresh, positive, confident self-image and outlook on life slowly but surely will crowd out negative and fearful emotions; you will become more and more like the person of your dreams. Once you become confident of success, your conscious mind will step forward to help you develop a useful action plan to travel from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

I speak from personal experience. When I co-founded Middle Age Renewal Training and began writing my first book, I was far from convinced that I could have a meaningful positive impact on others or discover the joy of living which had eluded me for so long. Nevertheless, I visualized success and began acting out the part. Today, I haven’t the slightest doubt that I chose the right path!   

To modify a familiar phrase: “You are what you think!” A daily regimen of positive thinking combined with vivid imagination and a generous dose of play acting can help you avoid midlife crisis and transform your fondest dreams into a second-half reality.

For a whole lot more on the magic of middle age renewal and to preview my book, A Mid-Life Challenge WAKE UP!, please go to our website:  www.middleagerenewal.com.


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