If 60 Is the New 40, Why Do I Feel Old and Used Up at 43?

Have you heard the oft-repeated phrase “60 is the new 40”? Some may ask, “If that’s the case, why at 43 (46 or 53) do I feel like my best years are behind me?” My simple answer: “You have given into the negative emotions of growing older.” In fact, I have met unfortunate individuals who appear old and tired at 35. In contrast, I’ve met others who are joyful, energetic and full of life at age 65.

How about you? Do you look, act and feel older than your chronological age? Has youth passed you by, dreams interrupted, goals abandoned? Do you struggle each morning to face the day ahead, then worry incessantly about the months and years to come? Are you convinced beyond a doubt that crowning achievements and life’s greatest joys and rewards all are behind you? In short, do you suffer from the two common middle age curses of lost dreams and diminished expectations?  

For all too many, middle age is a stop sign, a brick wall, an indelible mark on life’s time line that shouts: “The best is over–it’s all downhill from here!” My two word response to this notion is, “Not So!”

At midlife, if not positively energized over prospects for the present and future, you are sleepwalking through life! In fact, recharged women and men in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are equipped and poised to make their greatest contributions, build a lasting legacy and experience the best years of their lives.

In your 40’s and 50’s , you have spent twenty to thirty years building an adult resume, gathering tools for success and gaining the experience needed to challenge the future, contribute value to others and enjoy your journey through life’s second half. You are not too old to hit the ground running! I trust you are ready to combine the enthusiasm of youth with the mature judgment of middle age–a winning combination!

For most uninspired Baby Boomers, the primary obstacles to positive, purposeful and stress-free living are self-imposed. A straight-forward solution is to set your personal alarm clock and wake up to life! I speak from experience…I spent thirty long years–my mid-twenties to my mid-fifties–sleepwalking through career and relationships. Eleven years ago, I received my wake-up call. I wouldn’t trade my life today with anyone I know.

So what’s keeping you from restoring positive emotions and full faith in the future? A solid renewal game plan and a little information, that’s all! My gift to you today is a bright new perspective on life at middle age. The only cost to you is a burning desire plus the time and energy it will take you to change. Your reward will be a totally new and joyfully different favorable outlook on life plus a solid plan and a firm commitment to make good things happen.

We’d like to help. For a detailed roadmap to positive renewal at middle age, go to our website: www.middleagerenewal.com.

Here’s a final challenge to leading edge Baby Boomers, those born shortly after the end of World War II: Let’s make age 70 the new 50!        

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