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To Help Launch Midlife Spring Renewal–A Baseball Story

To honor the start of the major league season, here’s a baseball story. Years ago in the mid-1980’s our family lived in Southern California where we liked to go to Angels baseball games. (These days they are the prestigious “Los … Continue reading

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Banish Blue Monday and TGIF–Locate a Job That Will Pay You to Have a Good Time!

Here are three terms you should banish from your vocabulary: Blue Monday Mid-week “hump day” TGIF At middle age, it makes absolutely no sense to remain trapped in a job or vocation where you dread each Monday morning, sigh with … Continue reading

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Here Are a Few Simple Solutions to Revive Your Lagging Business

About 40% of Fortune 500 companies were unprofitable in 2012; the percentage was even higher for small and mid-sized businesses. As a leader in your workplace, formal or informal, it’s up to you to revive your lagging enterprise and return … Continue reading

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To Recharge Your Lagging Business , Engage Your Employees

As we begin the new year, is your small or mid-sized business less profitable than you’d like it to be? Worse yet, are you losing money? Are your employees on board mostly for the paycheck? Are individual performance targets, promotions … Continue reading

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