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Once You Retire How Will You Spend Your Time?

In past blogs, I’ve talked about a comprehensive financing plan to save and invest for retirement. For God’s sake, whatever else you accomplish during the rest of your working life, take steps beginning now at middle age to ensure you … Continue reading

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Middle Age Is the Best Time to Fireproof Your Retirement Portfolio

Like me, did you awaken one morning in the spring of 2009 only to discover that 40% of your retirement portfolio was gone thanks to the crash in US and European stock markets? (Hadn’t my financial advisor only recently assured me that … Continue reading

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95% of Baby Boomers Will Die Broke–Is Your Retirement Plan Working for You?

Will you and/or your spouse outlive your retirement assets? A recent study estimates that 95% of all American Baby Boomers–those born between 1945 and 1964–will die broke, leaving no inheritance for their children and grandchildren. Perhaps even worse, who wants to … Continue reading

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Five 2013 Resolutions Guaranteed to Get You Nowhere Plus Three Tips For a Fresh Start

Now that we’re in February, are you struggling to keep the New Year’s Resolutions you made just last month? Worse yet, have you already broken or abandoned some or all of them, sorry you participated in this foolhardy exercise once again this year? … Continue reading

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