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Inspiring Midlife Employees—The 16 “E’s”

To reinvigorate your workplace and inspire seasoned employees over age 40, here are sixteen positive leadership initiatives all beginning with the letter “e”: 1. Empower on-board seasoned employees. Grant qualified subordinates broad discretion in establishing priorities, expanding personal boundries, self-planning and … Continue reading

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Falling Down and Getting Up–Turn Midlife Negatives Into Positives

Like so many, are you dissatisfied–perhaps even miserable–with midlife circumstances today? Most mornings, do you wake up dreading the day ahead, simply wishing you could sleep in? Are fear and anxiety robbing you of the energy, self-confidence and clear-headed thinking needed to confront today’s challenges? If you’re … Continue reading

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Recovery From Midlife Detours

Life seldom if ever proceeds in an uninterrupted straight line to a happy ending. Happy or sad, whatever our dominant emotion today, those of us in middle age can expect to  encounter at least one major detour along life’s pathway to a bountiful and carefree … Continue reading

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Over 50 and Single? Don’t Get Married!

If you’re over 50–or approaching 50–and single, widowed or divorced, you’re better off not getting married! This suggestion was offered by Dodie Milardo, a romance novelist and philantropist as a recent guest on my Internet radio program,  Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age. But here’s … Continue reading

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