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Frustrated at Middle Age? Do Something to Solve Your Problems or Shut Up!

At middle age are you frustrated or miserable with the way your life has turned out? Do you passionately wish for something different? Then doggone it–take the first steps to drastically improve your circumstances and your outlook on the future! What on … Continue reading

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At Middle Age Should We Be Worried About the US Debt Crisis or Not?

Over the past four years, the US government has increased the federal deficit by $5.2 trillion–that’s $5,200,000,000,000–lots of zeros! This four-year increase in borrowing amounts to $55,000 per US household. Should those of us at middle age presently retired or contemplating … Continue reading

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Become Unstuck at Middle Age: Create the Joyful and Successful Life You Deserve

Following a company buy-out, I was coughed out by corporate America in 1986. The next five years were all down hill: frustrating job search, two failed start-up ventures and an expensive new house we could no longer afford. In 1991–depressed, … Continue reading

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A Midlife Warning–Don’t Outlive Your Assets and Don’t Sit Around Waiting to Die!

Which do you fear more: dying or outliving your retirement savings? A 2010 Allianz survey of men and women 44 to 75 (quoted in the October 2012 issue of Money Magazine) reveals that 61% of respondents prefer dying. For you and … Continue reading

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