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Middle Age Your Best Age–New Weekly Radio Broadcast

The notion that once we reach middle age our best days are behind us is utter HOGWASH!¬†At 40, 50 or 60, we remain the same marvelously created woman or man we were at 25–only better! We are proud to introduce … Continue reading

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The Good Life After 40–Mastering Mid-Life Transitions

As we grow older and pass from youth into the dreaded “middle age”, a most difficult challenge is to accept and master inevitable changes which occur in life’s second half. Once we reach 40, then 50, most of us begin … Continue reading

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To Make Your Business Thrive, Reenergize Your Bee Hive

Want to inspire your employees to a higher level of performance? It may be time to apply a generous dose of employee empowerment, best described as “in command but out of control.” Be it large or small,¬†picture your enterprise as … Continue reading

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