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Extended Job Search–Take Charge!

If you have been out of work more than a few weeks, ask yourself this question: “Who is in emotional control of my job search today–others or me?” Like so many, are you riding a roller coaster of emotions from a … Continue reading

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Middle Age, Out of Work?–Create your Ideal Job

Are you at mid-life and unemployed–perhaps for months, even years? Are you frustrated by traditional job search? Is no one hiring for a position like the job you lost? Take heart–you can first define, then seek out or create the … Continue reading

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Looking for Work or Changing Careers?–Pre-program Success!

Are you unemployed and frustrated over lack of job prospects? Do you remain employed but are sick and tired of your present job? Let’s assume that you have wisely taken time out to thoughtfully define the targeted position or entrepreneurial venture of your dreams. Before charging forward, … Continue reading

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Over 40, Unemployed, No Prospects–Time to Renew!

With the US jobless rate hovering around 10% and extended job loss becoming the norm, is it time to panic? Not at all! Assuming you can achieve an optimistic outlook and an unwaivering belief in self, right now may be … Continue reading

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