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A Lottery Winner’s Mentality Under Financial Stress

In my book A Mid-Life Challenge–Wake Up! I council individuals to target a personal “lottery winner’s mentality.” As positively renewed and focused men and women each one of us can look, act and feel like a million dollars without winning … Continue reading

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A Mid-Life Prescription for Stock Market Madness Stress

As a renewed individual fast approaching my “senior years”, I have uncovered an ideal prescription for the current stock market disaster and related election year posturing—ignore both! I know my retirement investment portfolio is much smaller now than it was … Continue reading

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A Model for Mid-Life Renewal–and She Left Us at Age Thirty

Middle-age renewal can never be achieved in a vacuum. As a speaker, consultant and author of two books on mid-life revitalization, I consistently counsel those striving for a positive, achievement-filled second half to initiate warm caring relationships with those around … Continue reading

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The Essence of Middle Age Renewal–Set Your Own Goals!

When we think about, the current credit crises, stock market meltdown and $700 billion Federal bail-out is mostly about keeping up with or exceeding what someone else has. Too many of us listened when unethical real estate brokers or mortgage … Continue reading

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