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Falling Down and Getting Up–Turn Midlife Negatives Into Positives

Like so many, are you dissatisfied–perhaps even miserable–with midlife circumstances today? Most mornings, do you wake up dreading the day ahead, simply wishing you could sleep in? Are fear and anxiety robbing you of the energy, self-confidence and clear-headed thinking needed to confront today’s challenges? If you’re … Continue reading

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Recovery From Midlife Detours

Life seldom if ever proceeds in an uninterrupted straight line to a happy ending. Happy or sad, whatever our dominant emotion today, those of us in middle age can expect to  encounter at least one major detour along life’s pathway to a bountiful and carefree … Continue reading

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A Midlife Warning–Don’t Outlive Your Assets and Don’t Sit Around Waiting to Die!

Which do you fear more: dying or outliving your retirement savings? A 2010 Allianz survey of men and women 44 to 75 (quoted in the October 2012 issue of Money Magazine) reveals that 61% of respondents prefer dying. For you and … Continue reading

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True Wealth at Midlife: It’s Not Just About Money

Those of us age 45 and over have witnessed tough times before but can you recall a single point in history when there was so much contention and negativity in the air? “We’re only one calamity away from slipping into … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame Uncle Sam or Anyone Else for Your Problems–The Buck Stops Here!

At middle age, please don’t sit back and rely upon someone else–Uncle Sam, your employer, a fast horse, the lottery jackpot or “fate” to guarantee you a bountiful, stress-free tomorrow. For all but an extremely lucky few, things just don’t … Continue reading

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Common Excuses for a Crummy Life After 40–Part One

Milions of men and women worldwide are dissatisfied with their lives at middle age. Many fail to acknowledge that their life could be better. Others will admit that “all things considered, I’m not that positive about my life today, but I simply … Continue reading

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In Your Twenties You Had So Much Potential–What Happened?

You had so much potential back when you were in your twenties. Back then, you had absolutely no doubt that you were going a long way and others thought so too. Now that you’re in your forties (or fifties), perhaps less than fully … Continue reading

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Are You Mournful Over Your Loss of $640 Million? Get Over It!

Let me help prepare you in advance just in case you don’t win tonight’s (6/30/12) $640 million MegaMillions Lottery jackpot. In fact it’s best that neither one of us won all that money. Here’s why: 1. A reward most cherished is … Continue reading

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Avoid Midlife Crisis–Act Like a Child!

Are you less than fully satisfied with your daily life, relationships or career at middle age? Do you suffer from the all-too-common pain of midlife crisis? You know you want more out of life after 40 but you don’t know … Continue reading

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Unemployed, Broken Relationships, Frustrated at Midlife—Do You Believe in the Future?

In 1990, out of work after two promising business ventures fell through, I visited a professional guidance counselor. For five long years I had attempted unsuccesfully to recharge personal batteries and jumpstart my career. I was beginning to question my … Continue reading

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