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Conversations Every Parent Should Have With Their Teens

One of the most perplexing and sensitive relationships for those of us at middle age is with our teenage sons and daughters. An offspring’s transition from young child to teenager is difficult for them but may prove downright traumatic for … Continue reading

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To Help Launch Midlife Spring Renewal–A Baseball Story

To honor the start of the major league season, here’s a baseball story. Years ago in the mid-1980’s our family lived in Southern California where we liked to go to Angels baseball games. (These days they are the prestigious “Los … Continue reading

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Banish Blue Monday and TGIF–Locate a Job That Will Pay You to Have a Good Time!

Here are three terms you should banish from your vocabulary: Blue Monday Mid-week “hump day” TGIF At middle age, it makes absolutely no sense to remain trapped in a job or vocation where you dread each Monday morning, sigh with … Continue reading

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You Are At a Midlife Choice Point—In Which Direction Will You Go?

If you are in your forties or fifties–heck even if you are 60+–you may be approaching or have already arived at your “midlife choice point.” Where do you go from here? To illustrate your dilemma, let’s examine the life of an … Continue reading

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Middle Age Is Best Age to Start a Business–Are You Ready to Be the Boss?

Recent studies demonstrate that middle age is the best age to launch a successful new business–are you ready to be your own boss in 2013? Before you charge forward, you need to be aware that 50% of all new businesses … Continue reading

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Midlife Job Loss, Break-up or Other Setback May Be Your Best Break!

Recently I heard two women conversing in the communal gathering area after church. The first lady appeared to be in despair: “Just last month we moved into our beautiful new home with higher mortgage payments and now my husband has lost his job. … Continue reading

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Over 50 and Single? Don’t Get Married!

If you’re over 50–or approaching 50–and single, widowed or divorced, you’re better off not getting married! This suggestion was offered by Dodie Milardo, a romance novelist and philantropist as a recent guest on my Internet radio program,  Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age. But here’s … Continue reading

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Become Unstuck at Middle Age: Create the Joyful and Successful Life You Deserve

Following a company buy-out, I was coughed out by corporate America in 1986. The next five years were all down hill: frustrating job search, two failed start-up ventures and an expensive new house we could no longer afford. In 1991–depressed, … Continue reading

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Conscious Aging: Reinvent Yourself at Middle Age

At middle age, do you dread the prospect of growing old? Like it or not, we’re all headed there. Doesn’t it make more sense to honor the process of aging, to gladly accept your age today and to actually look … Continue reading

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Midlife House Cleaning–Conquer Stress on the Job and in Daily Living

Workplace stress is a major problem as North Americans and Europeans struggle through weak economic recoveries. Are you stressed out at mid-career yet hesitant to quit your job? Many of us are caught between a rock and a hard place. … Continue reading

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