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To Help Launch Midlife Spring Renewal–A Baseball Story

To honor the start of the major league season, here’s a baseball story. Years ago in the mid-1980’s our family lived in Southern California where we liked to go to Angels baseball games. (These days they are the prestigious “Los … Continue reading

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Midlife House Cleaning–Conquer Stress on the Job and in Daily Living

Workplace stress is a major problem as North Americans and Europeans struggle through weak economic recoveries. Are you stressed out at mid-career yet hesitant to quit your job? Many of us are caught between a rock and a hard place. … Continue reading

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Preparing for Retirement at Middle Age–Avoid Common Mistakes So You Can Sleep at Night!

Like it or not, your joy and contentment in life’s second half will depend in large measure upon the state of your finances. A firm prerequisite for stress-free living in your fifties, sixties and beyond will be the ability to retire happy … Continue reading

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Saving Your Rocky Midlife Marriage or Starting Over After Divorce

Has your midlife marriage or long-term romantic partnership hit the skids? Do you suffer from the after-effects of a bitter divorce? Whether you are a multi-millionaire or unemployed living on welfare, a marriage turned sour isn’t any fun, is it? If your … Continue reading

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True Wealth at Midlife: It’s Not Just About Money

Those of us age 45 and over have witnessed tough times before but can you recall a single point in history when there was so much contention and negativity in the air? “We’re only one calamity away from slipping into … Continue reading

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