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Midlife House Cleaning–Conquer Stress on the Job and in Daily Living

Workplace stress is a major problem as North Americans and Europeans struggle through weak economic recoveries. Are you stressed out at mid-career yet hesitant to quit your job? Many of us are caught between a rock and a hard place. … Continue reading

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Survive a Bad Boss or Toxic Workplace–and Keep Your Job!

It’s Sunday night and your weekend is almost over. Has stress started building already, dread of Monday morning and your rotten boss and toxic workplace environment? Sadly, you’re not alone. For far too many of us, “work” is not a … Continue reading

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Unemployed, Broken Relationships, Frustrated at Midlife—Do You Believe in the Future?

In 1990, out of work after two promising business ventures fell through, I visited a professional guidance counselor. For five long years I had attempted unsuccesfully to recharge personal batteries and jumpstart my career. I was beginning to question my … Continue reading

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