An IRS Audit?–Preventing Mid-Life Renewal Relapse

I recently received a friendly letter from the IRS asking for $10,000 in additional 2008 taxes. How do I respond? IRS audit notices present an ideal excuse for us renewed mid-lifers to revert back to prior negative thought patterns. Similar relapse excuses might include job loss, a doctor’s unfavorable diagnosis, a sharp stock portfolio decline or simply unkind words from a friend.
I implore you: don’t abandon renewal! Should you receive troubling news, I recommend response as follows: 
1) Always remember, others can change your circumstances but they can’t erase your strenght of character or positive outlook on life. You and you alone can alter that!
2) Research all the facts. Was the mistake yours? Did you truly relish the job you just lost? What are your health treatment options? Can you salvage your investments? Are hurtful friends really saying more about themselves than about you?
3) Target the best possible resolution then visualize that favorable outcome continuosly. Internalize a favorable target outcome before seeking outside help. Tell your doctor you visualize full recovery then work with him or her on a comprehensive treatment and recovery regimen.  Work with your outplacement counselor to define what you truly wish to accomplish over the rest of your career and how to have fun doing it. Contact a tax accountant only after you have researched the facts. Invest only after setting firm short-term and long-term goals.
Above all else, never let a temporary roadblock derail your progress to sustainable mid-life renewal. Don’t surrender to procrastination and depression. Take action now! Whatever the outcome, every time you and I face up to a problem and attack it, we will feel good and become stronger, more confident individuals. Six months from now, we can look back with pride.
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