Don’t Call Me a Boomer!

I recently read a convoluted article written by a demographer which referred to 6 generations–GI, Silent, Baby Boomers and Generations X, Y & Z (the latter contains only babies aged 5 and younger.) The first three generations are instructed to step aside to make room for the hard-charging X and Y. My first question: what will the demograhers call the next generation after Z–will they start over with A? My next question: why are demographers so obsessed with placing everyone of a certain age in an ill-fitting pigeonhole?

A general consensus these days is that the influence of boomers has or soon will decline and that those of us over 50 will create a major strain on succeeding generations. My reaction is “hogwash”! First, my I point out that we have been contributing our fair share to Social Security and Medicare for 25-30 years or more–it’s not our fault that politicians have failed to keep entitlements in line with funding. Second, we have learned a few valuable insights during our 30-40 years of adult living; we just may have a little someting left to contribute.

Mr. & Ms. Demographer, please stop placing those of us over 50 in generational decline! As positively renewed, forward thinking men and women in the second half of life, we are not about to slow down. Each one of us is a unique, caring child of God. Most of us have at least some degree of financial security and our chidren are grown on nearly grown. We have unlimited potential to accomplish clearly defined personal goals while at the same time serving our communities and our fellow human beings during our remaining active years. A vast majority of us intend to be net contributors, not drainers of collective resources for years to come.

Are you tired of being labeled an over-the-hill “boomer”, told you are on the verge of creating a major problem for society with the suggestion you quietly go away? Don’t feel too bad, it could be worse. My wife and I were born before the end of WWII so we are labeled members of the “Silent Generation.” Does that mean we are not supposed to speak at all? Well I will anyway–please join me in speaking out to promote a positive, renewed, contributing lifestyle whatever your age. Contact me and let me know what you think but please don’t call me a “Senior”!

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