Unemployed, Broken Relationships, Frustrated at Midlife—Do You Believe in the Future?

In 1990, out of work after two promising business ventures fell through, I visited a professional guidance counselor. For five long years I had attempted unsuccesfully to recharge personal batteries and jumpstart my career. I was beginning to question my abilities. Relationships with spouse and children were  under strain. I had begun to doubt potential for a joyful and productive second half of life.

The wise guidance counselor looked me straight in the eyes and stated the following:

“If you genuinely believe things are going to get better, they undoubtedly will. If you do not earnestly believe things will get better, they probably will not.” 

At the time, I was taken aback, even offended! Was I paying this gentleman a generous hourly stipend to relay this simpleminded platitude? Over the years, I have come to appreciate my counselor’s straight forward advice. As a mature, mentally healty adult less than fully satisfied with your life today, this may apply to you: dominant positive emotions and hopeful expectations can indeed play a significant role in ensuring a favorable ultimate outcome.

Whatever the challenge, your immediate solution is deceptively simple: Start believing in yourself! Before launching a job search or new bussiness venture, striving to restore a damaged relationship or simply conditioning self to relax and enjoy life’s jouney, take time out to answer one question:

“In my heart and soul, do I honestly believe that I can launch a succesful journey to a lifetime of joy, contentment and goal accomplishment? Along the way, can I help make life better for loved ones, friends and others I encounter?”

If you answered “yes” to this question, your next challenges are to define in exquisite detail targeted objectives for your immediate and long term future then to spend time daily visualizing your personal joy and satisfaction as each target is accomplished.  Perhaps like me you are your own toughest critic. If so, it’s time to lighten up! Please believe: once you convince your subconscious mind that a bright horizon is in your future, your self-confident conscious mind will take control and direct you how to proceed. You will find a way–it’s a scientific fact!

No one can guarantee that your life will be all wine and roses from this moment on; the real world simply doesn’t work like that. I am certain that you can equip yourself to meet any challenge! As a wonderfully created human being, you have the capacity to condition the conscious mind to approach every trial, large or small, with self-reliance on your ability to influence an ultimately favorable outcome. Untold millions worldwide have unlocked this secret of supreme self-confidence, so can you!

Don’t regret the past or present: each day provides a fresh opportunity to advance a worthy positive agenda. Can anyone prevent you from believing in yourself? If someone is attempting to hold you back and is unwilling or unable to change, you may need to divorce yourself physically and emotionally from that intractable person. In truth, no one in the world benefits from your continued distress.

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