If Mid-Life Has Become Your Role Model for Hell–Wake Up!

A few years back, prior to my mid-life renewal, I dreamed one night I had died and gone to hell–at least I think it was hell, it certainly was not heaven! The dream was deeply depressing but not terrifying. I did not encounter fire and brimstone. I did not discover lost souls crying out in agony or observe Satan running around with a pitchfork. Instead, I simply was forced to continue my then-current daily experience through all eternity.

In my dream I realized that I was dead but observed no real change from when I was alive. I faced the same daily workplace deadlines and stess that I had been living under for years. Family finances remained uncertain. Tension filled the air. My spouse and I took no vacations or even restful weekend retreats. Worst of all, the promise of a brighter tomorrow was gone forever.

Because I did not admire the daily tasks I performed, I experienced no joy and saw absolutely no reason to continue to exist–but I had no choice. I found myself faced with the same-old same-old for the rest of time.

Thankfully, I woke up the next morning and discovered I had gone to hell on a visitor’s pass. When I awoke I knew it was time for a change! Our Creator intends for every one of us to experience a joy-filled, purposeful existence, both before and after death. If my then-current middle age career and lifestyle had become my role model for hell, I needed to abandon my present patterns of living sooner rather than later.

If you are past forty and less than fully satisfied with your life today, I suggest you don’t wait for a similar nightmare to spur you into action. Today, not tomorrow, is the appropriate moment to begin positive transformation of your life.  Bad things sometimes happen to good people as well as bad, but no one else in the world can force you to harbor negative emotions over time unless you let them. No one else in the world can take full control over your destiny. When you think about it, there is absolutely no valid reason for you to abandon hope and to remain miserable and unfulfilled!

I urge you to envsion success but not to count upon unrealistic expectations. Don’t lull yourself into the “future trap” of believing that somehow against all odds things will get better on their own as time goes by. Nine times out of ten, your life will not improve dramatically any time soon without conscious personal intervention. You immediate task is to thoughtfully define in vivid detail your very own bright future.  Your next steps are to visualize daily accomplishment of your target and to begin thinking and behaving like the solid winner you intend to be. Once emotions turn positive and a confident self-image becomes crystal clear, your mind will take over and will formulate solid plans to complete your journey to a positive tomorrow. You will become that joyful, accomplishment-filled person God intended you to be!  

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